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We offer the very best selected tours, all thes tours are availabe from Punta Cana and we offer free transportation all of them.


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  • Buggies Extreme Half Day Adventure Double Buggie

    This option is for  2 persons in a Single buggie
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    Dare yourself to go off-road and discover the wild landscapes around Punta Cana on this half-day buggy

  • Catalina Snorkelling Paradise From Punta Cana

    Enjoy a boat tour across crystal clear waters to Catalina Island, the best-known area for snorkeling in the Dominican Republic.Your day begins with a

  • La Hacienda

    Do not miss this fabulous 7 excursion in one day to spend it with the best in family. Ask for the package and enjoy the best experience

  • Samana Tour Salto del Limon & Bacardi Island

    Are you having a tough time choosing just ONE excursion? If so, look no further than Samana by Bus The tour is, arguably, 3 excursions in ONE:

  • Santo Domingo City Tour & Sightseeing

    In 1992 Santo Domingo the oldest city in Americas celebrated its 500th anniversary and discovery by Christopher Columbus.

  • Saona Island and Altos de Chavon Tour

    The town called Altos De Chavón is a 16th century replica of a Mediterranean Italian village above the Chavón River in Dominican Republic.

  • Scape Park Full Admission

    Full Admission
    This world of sensations offers everything from thrilling and adrenaline packed adventures to smooth and educational experiences. Let your senses Scape while ziplining on a cliff, exploring ancient

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